Monday, September 24, 2001

Passed the first test with SM #7. Diane of Sono Nis Press (publisher) read and liked the first draft. Yay! It's now with the editor (Freda).

Meanwhile, getting ready to go to Pemberton on Wednesday where I will speak with Grade 11 students on Thursday about the writing process. Will also perform an Arthurian legend for Grade 8's. I'm looking forward to the trip - get to stay in Whistler on Wednesday night.

Strange item arrived in the mail today from VIA Rail Canada. It's a return trip ticket from Toronto to London, Ontario. I am guessing this means I will be in London for a day during my Canada Book Week Tour but haven't actually received a schedule yet!

Not so good news - received a rejection letter from Kids Can Press today. I guess they didn't think my idea for a non-fiction series was as great as I thought it was. Oh, well - I'll have to send the package off to someone else as soon as I get a chance.

Also working away at the five articles for the Books feature of Island Parent magazine. So, though my computer has been very ill with that nasty virus that's been going around, I have been keeping rather busy.

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