Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Winnemucca, Nevada
Well, we did it. On September 11th I find myself at the public library in the twon of Winnemucca, partway through our great Nevada adventure! We have been riding sections of trail and visiting communities and schools near the historic Pony Express trail for the past several days. We've been having an absolutely marvelous time - so much so that my crew members keep threatening to abandon the motor home and stay right here!

I've been having trouble at this particular computer posting my photos, but I have managed to put a few up over on my website at this address (just follow the links to the towns we've visited...) Be careful when you navigate over there, though - use the BACK button rather than the nav bar as it seems I didn't quite catch all the links when I built my mirror site over on Tripod (the only way I could update from on the road...)

Outside the building, firetrucks are rumbling up and down the street, going to and from the memorial ceremonies marking September 11th. My crew has just returned and both Dani and Jan have taken lots of photos of the ceremonies - will try to post some over on the other website before too long...

Having a wonderful time! Wish you were here....