Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mini TC Review

A lovely mini-review written by Barbara Julian appeared in yesterday's Times Colonist... Though, I'm not exactly sure how to interpret the bit about the plot being irrelevant - or, less than captivating - or, something. I've decided not to dwell on that too much and, instead, appreciate the positive vibes and kind words. I do hope this book finds a place with reluctant readers and, perhaps, makes them a tiny bit less reluctant?

By Nikki Tate
Orca; 168 pages; $9.95
Tate is expert at packing a mass of description into simple but fluent language for the reluctant reader. The right reader for this book will have no reluctance about horses, however, and Tate's followers will find what they have come to expect in this latest of her equine adventures.

Part of Orca's "high interest sports action" series, this tale about teens more keen on horses than school is captivating less for the plot than for the rich description of the horse mind and body, of racing action and of the minutiae of life on the exercise field and in the barns.

New Book on its Way!

Razor's Edge is due out any minute. Come help celebrate the arrival of the new book at one of these events... And, if you aren't interested in Razor's Edge - no problem. Both events have plenty of other, much cooler authors and their way cool new books so you don't have to bore yourself just talking to l'il ol' me.

Monday, September 14, 2009


This wasn't where we were supposed to wind up yesterday! Poor Dani had an unfortunate landing when dismounting during a vaulting demonstration at Metchosin Days. After being tended to by several lovely firemen, including one on whom she unceremoniously threw up, we headed off to the Victoria General Hospital for an X-ray.

The good news is the bones are intact. The bad news is that the sprain is so bad she has to wear an air cast for SIX WEEKS!! This is rotten news, indeed, as the big provincial vaulting competition is coming up this weekend in Chilliwack.

Not only did this unfortunate incident mess up Dani's demo and competitive vaulting career, it also meant I had to abandon Dinny just before the Haflinger breed demonstration! Fortunately, Stella (of Manestream Vaulters) was kind enough to bring the horse and Cyd (who was also involved in the vaulting demo) home again as Dani and I were trapped in a crazy busy emergency room for a very long time...
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