Sunday, May 31, 2009

Welcome, Dark Creek Dinny!

My sister's horse arrived here from Calgary a few days ago. Dinny (formerly known as Danny, but that's way too confusing given we already have a Dani in the household...) will be here for the summer so my niece, Cyd can enjoy some mellow riding and a couple of horse shows when she comes to visit. On the subject of horse names (and re-names), Bonny was also called Danny when we bought her. What are the chances? Whatever his name, the handsome, quiet Hafflinger is happy as pie here on the farm - and we are happy as pie to have him here. We took a ride down the Lochside Trail and he was perfectly behaved. Such a pleasure to ride a horse who does not have a bicycle phobia!
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Friday, May 29, 2009

Aussie Under Glass

Riven under the table on the deck, hoping against hope that a scone crumb might fall his way...
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bathroom renovations continue


Here's how my feet have spent the better part of the last several days... Meanwhile, the rest of me has been tiling the upper part of the new shower stall, installing the new ceiling panel, fixing the ceiling fan, installing the new light fixture... Is it any wonder my calves ache?
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Honey bees!

  Last week we took delivery of 16,000 or so honey bees... Here's Jane playing 'spot the queen' with her new... swarm? Herd? Cluster? Bunch 'o bees...
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Dark Creek Diego

About a month ago (or so) Dark Creek Diego joined our herd... Diego is a 10 year-old Appaloosa who is strangely sane... As in, he isn't freaked out by bicycles (unlike Bonny!), doesn't feel compelled to explore the world mouth-first (unlike Brio), and is actually quiet and thoughtful under saddle (though, Ringo is getting there...) What a pleasure to have an actual pleasure horse around the place!

This photo was taken the day we went to pick him up from just outside Nanaimo. Note, too, the new (to us) stock trailer. Plenty big enough to haul three horses, four ponies, or some combination of goats and ponies... pony and cart... goat and cart... mare and foal... A very versatile oldie but goodie... due to have a new paint job soon. We are thinking perhaps dark blue to match the truck...
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Friday, May 22, 2009

Proposed cover design

Here's the proposed cover design for the new Orca Sports title, Razor's Edge. What do you think?
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How strange... when I see the cover on my computer, it's deep blue... but it looks very orange on the screen when I upload to my blog... Any computer-savvy people out there who might know what's going on? I like the deep blue version better...

Nosmo at work

Alas, the spot we decided would be perfect for our new stand of giant timber bamboo was a tangle of blackberry canes. Bring in the goats! The crew (including Nosmo) was happy to oblige. The brambles have now been cleared and the giant bamboo planted. Not that the bamboo is particularly huge - yet. It looks rather weedy, actually. But, given our experience with the golden bamboo grove and our modest stand of black bamboo, we know that a little time will take care of everything. Before long, we will be building a new house with our massive, fast-growing timbers!
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