Friday, February 09, 2007

My Kind of Movie

In a rare foray to a LATE show, attended a documentary tonight that I thoroughly enjoyed - STORE. Here's the short blurb from the website:

What would you pay to hang onto the random stuff you've collected throughout your life that you want to keep but it doesn't fit in your house? Many of the people I met chose to pay in excess of $40,000 for tangible memories.

It seems like there a storage complex on nearly every corner. What is everyone hanging on to and why? Speaking of complexes, every time I try to get rid of something, I hear myself saying I'll need it as soon as I get rid of it." "There's nothing wrong with it." "It was a gift," and so many more justifications. I needed to know if I was alone in my attachment.

In STORE, we 'pass the baton' and tell our stories in concert. Rather than focusing upon a few detailed stories, we share a few details from a lot of stories. In short, we discuss why simply having is so important to us all.

Anyone who knows me (and who has fallen over my stuff...) will be chuckling at this point. But, yeah - the filmmaker saw straight into my heart! One of the great pleasures of attending world premieres of films (and tonight was the official premiere for STORE) is that one gets to meet the director. In this case, Cami J. Kidder (who wrote, directed and produced the picture, and is a first time feature director) was in attendance. She stayed behind after the screening to chat and answer questions. And, yes, she still has stuff in a storage locker.