Monday, February 19, 2007

Manufactured Landscapes

Quite the productive day yesterday - finished up the first draft of Behind the Scenes With a Horse Vet and sent that off to the editor. Spent a bit of quality time with my horses and wrote up a list of shots/dialog to be filmed on Tuesday when I see Karen again. And, last night, saw Manufactured Landscapes, the Jennifer Baichwal film about the photographic work of Edward Burtynsky. Here is one of his photographs taken at the Three Gorges Dam Project in China where whole cities are being dismantled and more than a million people relocated to make room for the world's largest reservoir. Visit Burtynsky's website for many, many more stunning landscapes that have been created by people. The film is powerful. Burtynsky's photographs potent. I couldn't help thinking (as we drove home in our gasoline-filled car) how isolated we are from so much of the devastation we (collectively) have brought to our planet. Anyway, a really interesting film with an unforgettable opening sequence (shot in a Chinese factory).