Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What is happening here? Temperatures are dipping down to -11 C - there is snow everywhere - AGAIN!! (and still snowing...) Cars off the roads... blah, blah, blah - I live on Vancouver Island precisely because we don't really get a winter here. What gives? The biggest pain of all (and there are so many when this happens, it's hard to choose just one that is particularly annoying) is that the water supply to the barn freezes. Each horse drinks many gallons of water each day, which means I will be hauling containers of hot water down the hill until this latest freeze goes away. The second most annoying thing is that the horse manure freezes to the ground making it impossible to keep up with the daily mucking. This, in turn, means a rapid accumulation of horse apples which must eventually be removed, usually after said apples have been turned to applesauce when rain replaces the snow. I just want to go back to bed until...oh, May. Either that, or flee back to Hawaii.

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Stefan said...

Hi Nikki.. do what we do. Bring an outside drinking tub into your barn and fill it there. It never gets more than a thin skin of ice (you can even drop a heater in it if you're secure in the electrical safety). It's saved us many a time when the taps froze.