Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ok... I have developed a serious new addiction... Cataloguing my library. I justify this activity by telling myself that I really should root out my duplicates and pass them along to worthy causes, but really, I am just having a blast going through my shelves, discovering old friends, dipping, browsing, stroking, and perusing.

If you, too, feel the need to tackle the stacks and stacks of books with which you are surrounded, set yourself up over at LibraryThing, possibly the best site to distract me in years. I'm trying to figure out a way to link my library to this blog... if you don't see an assortment of covers anywhere around, head over to library thing and search for BiblioFool - that would be me! Say hi. Start entering your library...

In case you are one of my editors, I only engage in data entry AFTER I've done my actual real work for the day... Fear not! Managed to cut the track manuscript by 30%, as requested. Hack. Slash. Gut. All in a day's work!

Ok... after a bit of fiddling and testing, it seems like if you click on any of those covers up there you will be taken to amazon where you may purchase said title (so you can then catalogue said book in your library and we will have a book in common and, as it happens, I will make a teeny weeny commission...). Click on the words 'my library' in green, and you will be taken to, yup, my library over at Library Thing where you can poke around through the books I've catalogued so far (I broke 500 this evening). See you in the stacks!

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