Sunday, August 20, 2006

When Dad and I went up-island to pick up Dani after her vaulting clinic, we all spent a couple of nights in Nanaimo, enjoying a mini-vacation. Aren't we doing a good impression of being tourists? In this photo we're on the little boat that shuttles visitors from Nanaimo over to Newcastle Island.

It so happened that we were in town during the Parksville Sandcastle Competition, so of course we had to drive up and have a peek (and, of course, those photos are on the other camera, the one I haven't downloaded yet). The sculptures were amazing - so detailed and intricate. We were there during the final stage of the sculpting (the artists are timed and then all the creations are judged) and it was great to see the sculptors hard at work, shaping their piles of sand into castles, dragons, and complex plumbing.

Other highlights of our time away included Coombs, a tiny town famous because of the goats that live on the roof of the local market. So famous are these goats that the highway information sign just says, "Goats on the Roof." Posted by Picasa

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