Monday, August 21, 2006

I love my job! One of the sidebars in Behind-the-Scenes With a Horse Vet deals with telling the age of a horse by its teeth. To illustrate this point, Dani and I visited the ever-gracious folks at Bodicea Farm to take some photos. What luck that their little (not!!) Clydesdale baby, Thistle, still has his milk teeth.

Being the sweet, tractable creature that he is, Thistle was happy to oblige as we pulled his lips this way and that, trying to get a good camera angle that clearly shows the teeth. What a sweet, sweet baby!

For good measure (and another chapter entirely) we also photographed his hernia. Because this is a G-rated blog, I won't post the photo.

After the baby pictures were done, off we went to find a more geriatric specimen for comparison. Tony, my old Anglo-Arab seemed like a good bet. He's on loan to Bodicea for a little while where he is helping teach new riders the ropes. He was much less cooperative (older and wiser, I think he thought we had a tube of wormer tucked away somewhere) but his chompers were most excellent in a particularly gnarly kind of way. Posted by Picasa

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