Saturday, February 09, 2013

Another student question: Do people walk up to you on the street and ask, "Oh my gosh you're Nikki Tate?" Do you like that stuff?
Technically, those are two questions. The first is easier to answer. Yes, occasionally people do recognize me, particularly when I've just done a series of school presentations in a very small town. It's inevitable that later the same day in the grocery store or local coffee shop someone will come up to me to say hello. I sometimes review books on the CBC and I've had people recognize my voice when I've been having a conversation in a public place. But big-time fame? Not so much. I can walk around most places (particularly if I keep my mouth shut) and people have no idea who I am.
As for liking or not liking it when people do recognize me, that is a bit harder question to answer. A big part of my personality is very private so it's very, very strange to me that people who have read my books or have seen me perform somewhere know a lot more about me than I know about them. I think it's pretty normal for people who have read a book or seen a performer feel like they know that person - so, it's pretty normal to walk over to say hi. Once I get over the shock of an encounter like that, of course it's very cool to know people are out there reading and enjoying my books. I've met some really interesting people I never would have met otherwise, which appeals to a different side of my personality, the part that is very gregarious and loves people! There is nothing quite so much fun as a great chat with stranger. Even better is when that stranger becomes a friend. Those surprising connections are some of the delights in my life!

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