Friday, March 28, 2008

Off to Italy!

How fitting that this morning's weather is nasty! A late March storm complete with snow, freezing rain, and high winds is making things pretty miserable here on Vancouver Island! The Malahat is a mess, traffic (and drivers) snarling... Which makes me think I should pack my bags and head for somewhere pleasant... like, say - ITALY! Bologna (and the annual International Children's Book Fair) is clearly the place to be.

Diane Morriss (publisher, Sono Nis Press) and I will meet up at the Vancouver airport later today (the weather is allowed to be unpleasant, but not bad enough to cancel flights...) and from there will head to Bologna via Heathrow and Munich. A loooong trip, yes, but in First Class (!!), so we should survive just fine.

After several days at the book fair, we'll head to Florence for a few days of 'business meetings' - roughly translated as recovering from the book fair, sipping coffee by day and wine by night, and taking in the sights at a leisurely pace...

I'm leaving my laptop at home (which feels a bit like cutting off my right arm), so not too likely to be doing massive amounts of blogging... Will post some pix after I get back.


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kc dyer said...

Have a FABULOUS time, Nikki!