Monday, March 12, 2007

Crazy Busy Times at the OK Corral!

Sorry, sorry, sorry - I've been busy ticking off item after item on the old TO-Do list - not that said list is actually any shorter, but I have been very productive during the past couple of weeks! My Island Parent column was in on time for a change - reviewed The Book Thief (fabulous!) and Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend (also fabulous!!), two completely different books that belonged in the same column because, hey, they are both fabulous!

Details are being sorted out for school visits in Chilliwack, the east Kootenays, Maple Ridge, up-island, and somewhere else I'm forgetting - which pretty well fills up my available tour time between now and January 2008. Planning has also started for the big fall launch of Double Take (a week of school visits here in Victoria followed by a launch at Greenhawk Tack Store - Karen is hoping to be able to fly back from Germany to participate! How cool is that????)

Finished the new draft of Double Take (added thumbnails of all the photos) and sent off the new, huge file on CDs to both Laura (editor) and Diane (publisher)... Still waiting to hear back from Ann re. Behind the Scenes: Horse Vet - wrote an article for the Sidney Times about the upcoming Draft Horse Plowing Match (Heritage Acres, May 12)... Scribble, scribble, scribble - doing lots of that these days!

Worked with Ringo several times and even rode Bonny a couple of times, taking full advantage of the longer days and ever-so-slightly warmer weather! All the horses are needing lots of grooming as their body clocks have all switched over to SPRING! SHED! SHED! SHED! time.

Things are also moving ahead on the new StableMates covers (I LOVE what Joan Larson is coming up with!) as well as the way cool research trip to Ottawa in June (more on that very, very soon... promise!)

All of which to say, sorry I haven't been blogging much! There's no break in the action in the forseeable future... so don't check back too often or you'll make me look bad!