Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My hotel desk in Castlegar last night... trying to answer the questions, 'Where am I going next? Where have I already been?" Feels like I've been everywhere, man and this is only Wednesday! I arrived this evening in Cranbrook after talks earlier today in Fruitvale and Castlegar. Tuesday was Midway and Trail... and Monday was Kaslo and Nelson (grab a map... have a look at the various mountain passes I've traversed....) Tomorrow morning, my first talk is actually way up in Radium, but the librarian who has kindly organized this trip for me was sensitive enough to realize that if I survived the trip from Fruitvale to Cranbrook in one piece it might be nice to stop, eat, and sleep before travelling on. As it was, after the road from Salmo to here had been closed for several hours to clear away a nasty accident, the trip over the pass was not too bad - some icy patches but basically clear. Only saw one moose at the side of the road and he was a young one at that, so I probably could have won the argument had he foolishly darted out in front of the car.

I had planned to blog daily (Dani has inspired me!) but troubles with Internet connections have plagued me all week. I have kept a notebook (oh how quaint is that???), but now need to type those entries in and upload them, a task that will have to wait until after I have had something to eat and, perhaps, sleep for a week. Posted by Picasa

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