Sunday, September 24, 2006

Can you identify this bird? A raptor is about as much as I know... The photo was taken above a vineyard near Cobble Hill on Vancouver Island earlier this year (they day we took Dad out for a tasty wine-enhanced lunch for Father's Day). I'm mostly uploading this as a test of my internet connection from my laptop and apparently the most recent photos stored here aren't that recent. I kind of like the photo, though - I got quite dizzy the day I took it as I was sort of stumbling along with the camera pointed straight up, one eye closed, the other peering through the viewfinder, trying to catch the bird as it soared above me... Hmmm... that really doesn't sound good, does it. Seriously, I only had a very small quantity of wine... not really enough to result in stumbling across the vineyard, dizzy and unable to identify the local birds. Posted by Picasa

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Inanna said...

looks like a turkey vulture