Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Look at this guy go! This is one of dozens of photos taken at the local harness racing track in Sidney, just north of Victoria (Sandown Raceway). This is a pacer (both legs on the same side of the body move at the same time, as opposed to a trotter when diagonal legs move together). I'm flipping back and forth between the track book and the Karen biography these days. The first draft of the racetrack book is nearly done, so at the moment I'm going through hundreds of photos, looking for cover possibilities as well as the last images to include in the interior of the book. Several adopters of ex-racehorses have sent me their stories and once I've written those up, the manuscript will go off to the editor, Ann Featherstone. I've known Ann for years and am totally delighted that finally, finally we will get to work together on a book.  Posted by Picasa

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