Friday, January 13, 2006

Humming along, happily busy. A good feeling! I'm actually making progress on my pages of To-Do's. I'm not exaggerating - the current list is three and a half pages long. In my endless quest to get better organized, I decided that I needed a comprehensive master list to keep me on track in life. I even have coordinated Excel spreadsheets with lists of tasks and progress being made on each.

One of the projects is at last well under way. Ever since returning from Iceland I've been meaning to put up some sort of blog for the TV Show (Around the World on Horseback). The basic structure is now there (with photos). Still on the To-Do list is adding more text detail and links.

I've started the research for a new book (a biography of Paralympian, Karen Brain). Details of how all this is proceeding (and photos) can be found on the Diary of a Children's Author and Publisher blog. (Blogs, blogs everywhere!)

Next week will be busy - the Victoria Children's Literature Roundtable is hosting mystery novelist Melanie Jackson. Since I'm the Chair, I have to a) attend the meeting and b) remember Melanie's name when I introduce her. We are also busily planning our 25th Anniversary bash - A Silver Jubilee Victorian Tea to be held June 4th.

After that, off to Book Splash up-island to give several school presentations on Tuesday and Wednesday and then, on Friday, two performances of Sir Gawain for the Bayside School Reading Week. Then, I'll be packing in earnest for my week-long writing retreat in the Kootenays.

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